About Lighting Technology


Lighting Technology saves energy efficiently. Our principal Bud Pirrello developed the procedures from his varied experience. He started energy saving efficiency projects directly after high school. Bud continued this focus throughout college and graduate study.

BPpicLighting Technology therfore provides appropriate lighting fully considering the tasks to be illuminated in addition to necessary general lighting. By incorporating effective use of simplistic controls to eliminate unnecessary usage, electricity savings are assured to provide minimum operating costs.

We work closely with Utilities for obtaining maximum incentives and rebates. Our designs are based on Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs properly listed by 'Design Lights Consortium' and the Department of Energy 'Energy Star' Program. 

Specializing in LEDs, Lighting Technology uses the latest recognized alternatives and maintenance reduction options for each building, space, or facility whether it’s a retrofit, remodel or new site challenge. 

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