Welcome to Lighting Technology

Lighting Technology is a division of Electrical Supplies and Equipment.

The purpose of this division is to design appropriate illumination while reducing present or

planned energy use. As a result you achieve improved employee proficiency, gain imaginative

surroundings, experience enlightened color, and realize greater energy efficiency.

Consequently your customer response and visitor appeal are enhanced.

Schools, colleges and training facilities gain heightened academic performance. 


  Why Lighting Technology?

  Lighting Technology provides Illumination

  Consulting for new, remodel or retrofit

  lighting projects. Clients obtain advanced

  perceptive presentations which reflect

  their  intentions. Methodically we

  replicate your perception into an

  appropriate lighting design, improved

  with educated product selections.

Your perception is thus brought to light.

With design-build specifications we offer procurement services.

Indoor and/or Outdoor Lighting Layouts are provided as required. 

Our first visit and concurrent perceptive review are complimentary.

Reasonable fees apply for the preparation of documentation, drawings, luminaire schedules, lighting layout plans, summaries, reports and/or analysis.

Perception brought to Light! TM

PERCEPTION  A discerning image of how you would like your space or complex to express itself.
ACTION Developing your desired ambiance into an artistic lighting experience.
EFFECT Assuring you an appropriate budget-conscious lighting project.
LIGHT The reflective appearance transforming your perceptive intention to reality.