● Lighting System Design

● Address your Requirements

  Indoor Outdoor   At your office
  New Retrofit   On your jobsite
  Upgrades Dimming   In your facility
  Controls Occupancy Sensing


● Electrical Products

  Parking Areas Roadways   Lighting Fixtures and Ballasts 
  Entrances Exits   Lighting Controls and Systems
  Landscape Atrium   Light-bulbs and Dimmers
  LED Luminaires  OLED Variations    LED Drivers 


● Coordinate with


● Lightbulb Management

  Property Owners Property Managers   Fixture/Bulb ID
  Facility Staff Design Departments   Inventory Management
  Maintenance Electrical Manager   Automatic Replenishment
  Electrical General   Technology Upgrades
      Contractors     Contractors   Recycling and Certification

 ● Utility Company Compliance

 ● Assurance

  Manage Energy Consumption   Personal Contact
  Review Program Utilization   Quick Delivery
  Energy Saving Alternatives   Accurate Processing
  Incentive and Rebate Authorization   Absolute Satisfaction

● We are on call to review your ongoing requirements to assure advanced Technology and Illumination appropriateness.